Crossfield Cell Tower

Verizon is trying to put a cell phone tower at Crossfield. The School Board has approved the Application.   The Crossfield community (parents with children in the school) only learned of the School Board action after the approved Application had been sent to the Fairfax County Planning Commission.  It would be 50′ from the playground and less than 200′ from the school building.  The long-term research is grim (cancer and other health risks), but inconclusive.  The money the school gets for this is minimal.

A group of concerned parents are requesting that the FFX County School Board withdraw approval before the Fairfax County Planning Board invests staff work and considers the Application.  They want Verizon (and its partner Milestone Communications) to find another location at least 1000′ feet from the school.

The parents would appreciate your support for the children:

1>  Sign this petition to show FFX County that people support moving the tower.

2> Forward this email or link to the petition to other FFX County Parents

3>  Call or e-mail your elected officials (See the list below)

FFX School Board needs to know Parents don’t want to put their kids health at risk for a few dollars.  Even one call or email helps! If they are doing this at our school, your school could be next. 

The facebook page is in development: Please direct inquiries to (Crossfield Elementary School parents & neighbors).

FFX County Elected Officials:

School Board

Tom Wilson, Sully District             703-423-1085

Pat Hynes, Hunter Mill District      571-423-1082


Douglas Tyson, Region 1              571-423-1110

Planning Commission 

Frank A. de la Fe, Hunter Mill       703-324-2865

Karen Keys-Gamarra, Sully          703-324-2865

Board of Supervisors

Kathy Smith, Sully District             703-814-7100

Cathy Hudgins,

Hunter Mill & Crossfield                703-478-0283